Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Why the United States is not ready for Madonna as the President?

So unfortunately, it does not seem that Madonna has any plans of running for office, at least this time around. Could this do with the fact that it is Hilary Clinton's turn at the helm? Is the cosmos setting itself up for 2 women presidents in a row?

People just cant get over Madonna cavorting around like a 25 year old medium expense prostitute?
After the battle against bigotry directed towards race and sexual orientation, is the battle against age the next definitive human rights movement?
Time will tell...but with the way medical science is advancing and fertility rates continuously dropping in the developed world, we are not far from the time when the planet will be populated by a majority of 'elderly'...The question here is now how old is actually old? Whatever happened to the old saying that 'Age is just a number'....Well anybody suffering from chronic prostate or arthritis issues will beg to differ....